A typical Acupressure session is about 60 minutes. The client is fully clothed, and comfortably lying down on a massage table. I ask questions relevant in gaining insight to the client's health, ie. diet, sleep patterns, digestion.

A session is designed according to the client's concerns and usually includes local points (where actual discomfort may be) as well as global points (these points can balance the whole system, meridian or "strange flow".)

I may use pulse observation and a visual examination of the tongue, as well as noting issues that lay within the 5 Elements- seasonal patterns of excess, balance, or deficiency. The meridians and organs each have their own time of significance over the 24 hour day. The Chinese have been studying the human body in health and sickness, for over 5000 years, and these observations can reveal information about the organism.

Acupressure therapists do not diagnose medical conditions but can offer relief of symptoms and encourage the body to harmonize in a natural manner.

I like to begin the session with a 'meridian' massage, gently massaging the head, neck, shoulders, and down the arms, and legs of the client.

From there, I'll choose which points to focus on, and I will hold two at a time, often at opposite parts of the body. This encourages the chi, or qi, to move and open up the congested areas. I like to hold these points until I can feel the energy gather and build. It feels like heat, a pulsation, or sometimes a vibration on the pressure point.

Acupressure can offer relief for headache, nausea, abdominal discomfort, back pain, menstrual problems, dizziness, blood pressure issues, and insomnia. Regular acupressure sessions help to restore overall balance to the body, by regulating excesses and deficiencies, whether in the organs, or related meridians, or what manifests in the physical/emotional field.

I would recommend acupressure for the general population to address any health issues, and for those already enjoying good health, as a 'tonic', refreshing and rejuvenating.

Acupressure can be combined with any other modality if desired.

$85.00 per session.



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