Reiki is a Japanese word meaning, "Universal Life energy" or the Divine life-giving force. It is a healing modality that has its roots in Japan, and the founder who rediscovered this old healing system, Mr.Mikao Usui (1865-1926), taught many students who, over the years, brought Reiki to the western world. In his teachings are the 5 "admonitions" from Emperor Meiji, which were meant to be used as a guide to a way of life. The title "The Secret to Inviting Happiness", embraces Mr. Usui's belief in spiritual medicine.

Just for today, don't get angry
Just for today, don't worry
Just for today, give thanks and be grateful to others
Just for today, earn your living honestly
Just for today, be kind to all living things

From the origins of Reiki through Mr. Usui, his mission remains: "first of all, heal the spirit, secondly make the body healthy, lead a peaceful and happy life, heal others; and then make yourself and others happy".

Reiki is gradually becoming better known and not so mysterious, thanks to the thousands of practitioners spread over the world. It truly is a non-invasive healing energy. Hands can be held off the body, or on, depending on client preference. You can think of it as a "natural hands on healing" method that taps into the universal life energy that always surrounds us.

I have treated individuals with complaints such as varicose veins, back pain, headaches, nausea, arthritis of the feet, knees, and hips, and muscular discomfort of all kinds. Reiki is wonderful as a first aid measure, and often is the first thing I turn to "out in the field" for ankle sprains, minor wounds, scrapes and bumps.

Reiki has five main effects:

brings about deep relaxation
dissolves energy blockages
detoxifies the body
supplies healing universal-life force energy
increases the vibrational frequency of the body

Reiki healing sessions are 60 minutes. Local areas or the whole body can be treated and the client remains fully clothed, relaxing comfortably on a fleece-covered massage table. There is no religious context nor dogma with Reiki, and no need to understand or "concentrate" whilst being treated. Simply just "be" and listen to soft music while the session is in progress. The energy automatically flows to where it is needed, with me as the facilitator or the "channel". Again, regular reiki will help to increase vibrational life-force to an individual, releasing stress, and promoting relaxation and wellness.

Reiki is appropriate for sick or injured pets, too. Although uncertain what animals experience when treated with Reiki, I notice that they become quieter, more relaxed, and seem to 'let go'.  Treatment can be systematic or local to the area of pain or injury.  Please inquire about my mobile service for animals.

Reiki $85.00 per sessions and can be combined with other modalities.








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