Tobi S. "I've had the distinct privilege of knowing Pat for 4 years.  She met me when I had a multitude of issues ranging from anxiety, migraine, pain and reproductive problems.  Within a few visits, I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of stress and pain I was experiencing.  My ability to cope with life's challenges was maximized through the work Pat has done.  Over the course of our relationship, I have benefited from her calm, caring and gentle approach.  Pat genuinely cares for her patients, and is committed to finding the right balance of treatment options.  She frequently attends educational programs that will add to her already comprehensive knowledge and skill base.  Pat is an honest, loving spirit with a zest for life!"

C.M. "I've been plagued by headaches for over 30 years since I had a bad fall. I've tried everything so far without results. After only 2 sessions with Pat i got permanent relief...I'm so happy!"


RS. "Pat always treats from a whole person perspective. I come away feeling renewed and very balanced. I especially like how she integrates different modalities into my treatments."


WL. "My son's dyslexia was treated successfully with CranioSacral Therapy. In a few sessions he made significant improvement and has begun to enjoy reading."


KC. "I had severe dizzy spells and high blood pressure. After 1 session I felt better and my head was clearer."


M.L. "Every session leaves me with a sense of inner peace. I feel relaxed, energized, and focussed. In my busy life, Jin shin Do is a must!"


S.M. "Wonderful work. I felt so very relaxed after, less tense. My mind and body were more connected in a very positive way."


T.O."...My ankle used to roll out, and now is returning to normal. And my hips were less painful after 2 sessions. My golf game has really improved as my upper body seems better connected to the lower body."


C.M. "...my muscles didn't need to be pulverized and my neck is looser"


OP. "My wife says that since I've been receiving regular Zero Balancing with Pat, I'm happier and more tolerant. All I know is that it's really relaxing - more than massage - and a great stress buster!"


EC. "I've been receiving regular Zero Balancing with Pat - my back pain has disappeared and I no longer need medication for it."










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