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Meet Mr. Ed, my healing horse.

He is a 20+ year old Thoroughbred gelding, and a very special horse. His presence accompanies all treatment sessions. Here, he is surrounding us both in white healing light.

Would you like to receive Heart Horse Healing energy? Mr. Ed, Cristal Bishop, and I are facilitating sessions at the Elk and Beaver Lake Round Pen (inside the park, access is off West Saanich Rd, to Beaver Lake Rd.

For more information, please visit:


Sessions are reserved and paid for in advance ($40.00).

Another photo--a "selfie" showing the edges of the energy bubble

and white light emanating from his heart center.

Note that there was no special lighting used. The light looked normal to me,

until I saw the images in the camera afterwards!


Free Newborn Baby Gift a mini session to release any

birth traumas and a general well-being balancing. Offer open to any infant under 12 months.  Please call for appointment; session is 30 minutes.

Follow up visits by donation to the Victoria Riding Disabled Association.

For more information on the value of Craniosacral Therapy and infants, please visit these links:




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