Zero Balancing

Developed by Dr. Fritz Smith, MD., Osteopath, and 5 Element Acupuncturist, Zero Balancing is at the leading edge of body/mind therapy. Zero Balancing has its roots in the East, but also melds with Western-oriented scientific thought. This profound bodymind therapy is quiet, gentle, and non invasive.

Zero Balancing aligns and integrates body energy and the physical structure. When the physical structure and energy systems of the body are balanced, stresses that don't serve us fall away. We are clearer, more grounded, and function with far greater ease. Outmoded emotional habits, patterns, and behaviours tend to release. There is a enhanced sense of well being and satisfaction that is difficult to describe but the body knows and recognizes this "ease of being".

A Zero Balancing protocol is followed, and through the session, fingertip touch to areas holding discomfort are offered: these are termed 'fulcrums'.  The results from this gentle touch vary from person to person, but typically a person experiences complete relaxation and enjoys a freer range of movement about their bodies.

The effects of a Zero Balancing session continue to build for several days. Observations will vary depending on the individual. Feelings of "lightness of being", greater sense of comfort, and increased well being are common.

ZB has been described as 'like massage, with your clothes on, and like psychotherapy, but without the talking' and I recommend it to anyone suffering from discomfort, anxiety, physical or emotional stress. And for those who already feel can feel even better! 

Performance Athletes may notice greater ease in keeping mental focus, better balance, and posture. Commonly, athletes also find they enjoy improved ease of movement, release of restrictions, freedom from stressors, and increased inner calm. ZB promotes clearer energetic fields, and benefits each individual uniquely. Receiving a Zero Balancing session a day or two prior to an event is optimal, from a performance viewpoint. Athletes don't need to be injured or in rehabilitation to appreciate the balancing effects of ZB. Consider a session in the off season and get in touch with your body-mind.

Children also benefit from Zero Balancing sessions. They are keen observers and notice greater comfort in their bodies. They simply like to "feel good" and enjoy sessions.

Our four footed friends benefit from Zero Balancing, too. Mobile service is available for horses, ponies, dogs, rabbits, and other family pets.


A one hour combination of Zero Balancing/Craniosacral therapy/Reiki, or Acupressure is available $85.00.







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